SIATEQ is a member of international group of companies First Link headquartered in Finland.

SIATEQ has offices in Finland, Russia and the Middle East.

Our success has come from our commitment to creating close partnerships with our clients, working side-by-side with them on complex engineering, architecture, product delivery and technical consultancy projects.

SIATEQ collaborates with many of the world’s leading companies in different fields. Right now we are involved with projects in different countries throughout Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

SIATEQ brings a strong ethos of client focus and openness to every project. We have a strong corporate spirit, with a sense of common purpose and pride in excellent work. Our ‘can-do’ attitude and flexible approach to problem-solving delivers cost and efficiency savings time.

SIATEQ brings world class, multi-sector experience to every new project. This helps us to quickly understand our clients’ goals to which we add our knowledge of local legislation, regulatory requirements and the latest process methodologies. Our people are highly qualified individuals who drive best practice standards through a close association with national and international professional institutions. The result is a first class project management solution.

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